Off to MNL

on Tuesday, January 6, 2015
January 7, 2015

Ok, I’m going to Manila. My flight will be at 3 in the morning tomorrow so that means I have to be in the airport before one so the airplane won’t leave without me. My flight ticket is cheap but it gave mom a hard time because apparently she doesn’t have the money to buy anything. The situation is pretty tight but it has always been like that. Who would’ve thought somebody will be having a hard time booking a LCC ticket? Well, that’s life and she and dad argued so much because of that! I feel sorry for them, but I know it’s not about me; it’s more about their deeply rooted problem that is technically unsolvable because of their respective prides.

Anyways, I completely moved on from my last drama. Ok, not really but I’m more worried about what I should do when I arrive there or something. I know I shouldn’t fear but I just have these lingering thoughts in my head about how things will turn out to be. However, on the good side I know that no matter how hard things can become I know I can handle it or I’ll find a way around it… stay focused! Ok, enough of those anxious thoughts. So, when I arrive there I’ll be staying at my aunt’s place. My brother described how it looks like and how to get there and it appears like it shouldn’t be a problem since my uncle will pick me up in the airport. Their place is not in a very cool location but very close to the city, so let’s see how it turns out.

This is the first time I’m going to Manila and do something on my own. The last time I’m going to that place there is someone directing me where to go or there’s someone with me whom I usually can rely on. Now things have changed and it appears like I have to start being independent already. Manila is a scary place to be, it’s a very big place but not really a place you can’t get used to. But it can be a headache if you don’t know where to go or you’re asked to go somewhere you haven’t been before and I think I’ll be doing that so we’ll see. Hopefully God doesn’t put me in a very precarious situation.

For some reason my scheduled arrival in Manila coincides with the Papal visit and the Nazarene thingy. It’s bad and I know there will be so many people in the streets which can make things harder for me to go around the metropolitan city. To make things worse there’s a plan to make the papal visit a week long holiday. I hope that doesn’t happen because it can definitely cause so much delay for sure.

Ok, I think that’s all I can say. Wish me luck :D


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