A Short Story

on Tuesday, June 11, 2013
I came across a lot of reading and I'm sharing this short story I've read a while ago.

A boy grew up not getting everything he wanted in life. He tried to get along with it in the worst way possible. He started to get negative on everything; blaming God, the society he lives in; and everything he can lay his blame on. He started writing but ended up trashing his work when the start and ending of his novel didn't match, what started like a good story ended up messy and sad in the ending. He always wonder what's wrong but didn't have the intellect to understand everything. He expects everything but ended up not having even one single thing. He loves reading books and one time he came across facts but didn't fully comprehend them well. Friends and foes come and go all the time, but  he ended up not knowing  the difference between both. One day events started to unfold in the worst scenario possible, he started to break down but was caught in a crossfire and a standstill. Only then he realized what was going on. Too focused on his ill-knowledge on things and basing his frail judgment on his ill-equipped opinions and other people's, he felt extremely stupid. He realized nothing was consistent, true, and right all along. He started to inevitably change his ways whether he likes it or not but it turns out to be too late. Unable to forgive himself to what he has done, he resorted back to depression but unable to because he knows it doesn't make any sense. By this time he already knows better. He remembers the painful yesterday and realizes that past is past and decided to let go. He lived not worrying about what other people's impression on him is and continued moving on. Years later he's in a better position that he once had, he didn't became someone his wildest dreams dream on long time ago but he had been better ever since.

-A lot has changed and is changing for the boy but maybe it's too late for the immediate results.
-History knows its own destiny. We can't live on the past.
-You're not what you appear to be.
-Change is paramount for survival.


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