20 years

on Saturday, December 1, 2012

In less than three days from now I’ll be having my 20th Birthday. Right now I’m still savoring the last minutes of my teen years. For this post let me tell you a glimpse of my life and how I enjoyed and wasted it during the last 19 years. I was born on December the 4th of 1992, such a very normal day but probably one of my mom and dad’s happiest days on earth. From that date up to the present, it was a roller-coaster event that happened very fast and non-stop. Life as we know is full of surprises, joys, and mishaps. Life for me is something not necessarily enjoyed but something lived. Happiness is not an assurance, living is and as humans we’re obliged by God to live every minute of it in the fullest manner. Well, before I start preaching like a pastor, my life like most people can be well described but not necessarily exciting and worth documenting. I can say I lived a fruitful life but not a necessary fulfilling one, even until now I still can’t say if I already reached everything that I dreamed of. I’m not on identity crisis but somehow I just can’t straightly define my goals, my aspirations, and my desires. Probably it’s because there are a lot of them and I can’t name a specific one.

I was brought up (by my parents of course) just like any kid was supposed to be brought up. It was not until high school that my parents pressured me to perform well in school, so unlike my siblings I enjoyed a relatively easy elementary school life. Nevertheless, I still performed reasonably well in school (which I don’t consider an achievement) partly because I studied in a school with low standards. Being a kid, I remember having some friends albeit at fewer numbers because of my inborn introvert behavior. I remember having a best friend every now and then. After my smooth elementary years, I entered high school leaving my past behind (not literally). High school for me is not the best part but it sure is a well defining part of my personality. It is the time when I started defining myself and differentiating myself from others. I used to be criticized during the past, but as I mature and started to be more reasonable I started to build my own character unique from others. Even by rehashing now I see my high school years as a very long chapter of my life. Entering College overturned everything, for me high school is a distant playground compared to college. I went to different world with a different environment and that is as abrupt as being in heaven one day and being in hell the next day. Still I endured and it helped me shape into what I am now.

I don’t consider myself right now to be a completely hardy individual ready to face more of life’s challenges. To be honest I think a lot still has to be done to improve myself. Right now I can’t define my state. I know I’d be a liar if I say I’m living a happy life, but I’ll be too insensitive if I’d say I’m living the worst life knowing that many people there barely go on everyday living. Three days from now it will just be a normal day, I know it is.


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